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(THIS PORTION IS A DISCUSSION POST, NEED TO BE AT LEAST 300 WORDS) After reading this week’s content (links provided below), select 1 question to write about.1. What does the term, ‘feminist art’ mean to you? Give at least one example and post an image.2. Discuss the differences between Modernism and Postmodernism as related to feminist art. Give at least one example and post an image.3. Define ‘otherness.’ Give at least one example as related to our studies this week and post an image.4. Discuss what is meant by ‘cultural stereotyping.’ Give at least one example as related to our studies this week and post an image.Remember to cite and reference your work using MLA style. Other quality references may be utilized in conjunction with the posted Resources.Be sure to respond to your fellow classmates and professor’s questions. Remember that the goal is to find best possible answers to the provided questions. An overview of American Modernism–focus on Georgia O’Keeffe.Georgia O’Keeffe: American ModernismThis article provides an overview of the development of abstract expressionism in post-World-War-II America.The Development of Abstract ExpressionismThe American realism movement in painting and sculpture attempted to portray the true reality, glamour, and grit of America from 1900 to 1930. Artists include Georgia O’Keeffe, Henrietta Shore, Lois Mailou Jones, Augusta Savage, and Elizabeth Catlett.Painting and SculptureThis site includes information about Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, including sections on the Entry Banners, Place Settings, Heritage Floor, Heritage Panels and Acknowledgement Panels.Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art: The Dinner PartyThis article is a comparative study of themes found throughout German art from 1800 to the present, including Romanticism and the sublime, the relationship between German art and that produced elsewhere in Europe, the connection between history and art in Germany, and the role of Dresden in the development of German art.…This site offers an interactive gallery that teaches detail comparison using a variety of paintings.…This video offers close-ups of several of Judy Chicago’s place settings within The Dinner Party. #t=4m0sThis video offers close-ups of several of Judy Chicago’s place settings within The Dinner Party. Barbara Kruger at the Modern Art Oxford Time Lapse of ‘Untitled’ 2014(THIS PORTION NEEDS TO BE TWO PAGES AS DISCRIBED BELOW. WEEK 4 AND 5 INFO ADDED) Exhibition Stage 5: Digging Deeper Write a two-page in-depth commentary for one of your works of art and, of course, include the image of that work. Writing about Art resource posted in Course Content. Submit by the end of week 6 to the proper area. Format, cite, caption, and reference in MLA style with author/date and proper in-text citations required. Use Spell/Grammar check. Save as a Word doc or pdf file.Need Some Ideas?So, you are selecting one of your works of art for stage 5 and writing a more in-depth essay. You can include the information you wrote in stage 4 about the one artwork then expand on it; possibly it can serve as an overview or introductory statement. Or, you can mix the content from 4 within the in-depth content for 5. One strong direction might be to bring in an outside artwork or works that would make a great comparative study. Or, you could further discuss the elements and principles of art focusing on a particular element or principle. Or, possibly talk about the iconography more extensively than the short descriptions written for Stage 4.Deliverables:2 Page commentary focused on one work of art in proper MLA format.

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