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The final resume is nothing more than making revisions to y

The final resume is nothing more than making revisions to your draft resume in order to produce a document that will get you invited to the all-important job interview.Please review the comments to your draft resume, but also realize that these comments are suggestions, not perfections.To receive the invitation to an interview, you must do your very best work that will show your qualifications for the position for which you are applying. As with the draft resume, you should apply for one of the positions for which you submitted a job advertisement. It is strongly suggested you continue with the position for which you wrote your draft resume. Again, as with the draft resume, please type the title of the position and/or the name of the company to which you are applying in the upper right corner of the first page of your resume. I cannot evaluate the resume unless I know the position being sought.The content of the resume should also address the specific position as much as possible.Transmittal letterYour address Your city, state and zip code Date ([month in text] day, year) Recipient’s name and title Recipient’s company Recipient’s department (if appropriate) Recipient’s address Recipient’s city, state, zip code Re: State the topic of the letter and any appropriate filing codes Dear Mr./Ms. recipient’s last name: First paragraph: State the purpose of the letter (you are applying for a specific position that has been advertised, include the title of the position exactly as it is written in the advertisement). Second paragraph: State why you are well qualified for the position advertised. This paragraph should highlight your greatest strengths that are detailed in the resume. Do not include items that are not prominent in the resume. If appropriate, this paragraph may be divided into two separate paragraphs. One paragraph will discuss your academic qualifications and a second paragraph will cover your work experience qualifications. Most people about to graduate from the university will use only one paragraph. It will be a rare new graduate who has sufficient experience to use two paragraphs. Third paragraph: Request an interview and include a telephone number and e-mail address where you can be reached. Sincerely, Your signature Your typed name Enclosures: (if appropriate)

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