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Rstudio Homework

# Births.csv dataset contains data about newborn babies and their mothers collected at a hospital
# in North Carolina. Download it from Canvas and copy (or upload if Server) it to R’s working directory.
# Read the dataset first by running the following lines. 

b = read.csv(“Births.csv”) 

# Name of the dataset is b.
# Answer the following questions.

# 1) How many rows and columns are there in the dataset?

# 2) Is there any missing values in the dataframe?

# 3) List column names and then rename the “lowbirthweight” variable to “lowweight”.

# 4) List babies weight and mother’s age for smoking mothers who are mature moms.

# 5) List baby’s gender and gained weight by mothers who are younger than 20 and not married.

# 6) Create two vectors:
#      a) Babies’ weight vector for female babies
#      b) Babies’ weight vector for male babies

# 7) Using the vectors in Question 6, calculate average weight for each.
#    Which gender is heavier on average? Hint: Use function mean().

# 8) Calculate a new vector based on the following formula
# (gained – weight)/weeks. Name this vector “extraPerWeek”

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