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Research Paper – on Government

In approximately 4,500 words (roughly 15 double-spaced pages in 12-pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins), write a cogent essay on a topic of particular interest to you within the outlines of the Government and Christianity.
You should make significant use of secondary sources (i.e. books and scholarly journal articles) and cite them either as footnotes or endnotes. You may not cite internet-only “publications” (i.e. journals that do not have a print edition and are not peer-reviewed.) You may cite journals accessed through the JSTOR database, because these are simply peer-reviewed print journal articles that have been scanned into “pdf” format and are accessible via the computer. JSTOR is available through the Regent University Library website under “databases.” When citing an article from JSTOR, you need not include information about the website; simply cite the print journal in which it appeared just as though you found it in a print journal.

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