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Part One:

Menu & Ordering Protocols (Part one should be no less than eight pages.)

List all details, including purchasing specifications for all for all items of a six-course meal for

200 guests for Mr. Hallman’s upcoming “Instructor of the Year” dinner, to be held at


Elizabeth’s personal estate at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The optics of the

dinner make the Royal family look good. That, and she owes me that that “thing” in Gibraltar.

When I won two years ago (FYI: 16 year running winner), we held it outdoor at the Acropolis in

Athens, Greece. Ms. Buzzelli started a fight with Greek security, Ms. Agnew drew on one of the walls,

Mr. Rex passed out in the Temple of Athena, and the limitation of 75 guests caused a small riot at the

door as well as some serious, now resolved diplomatic issues with the European Union. I am counting

on you to set up an outstanding dinner that will smooth over our CIC compatriot’s rough edges and

represent me and our nation well.

Specifically, for part one, you will:


Create a Menu reflective of the region. Do not consider using Haggus – that stuff is nasty.


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