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N.B. (note well): Use of research/internet is unnecessary a

N.B. (note well): Use of research/internet is unnecessary and forbidden and will result in a zero for the essayN.B. You must choose one of the three prompts below to write your essay on. An essay answering a different prompt will result in a zeroIllustration Essay essentials: 5 paragraphs: introduction (1-4 sentences) three body paragraphs (11 sentences each), conclusion (1-3 sentences). Thesis statement makes a claim (opinion) that you will try to persuade your reader to agree with. Topic sentence makes a claim (gives opinion or reason) why the topic is important or true Evidence (fact, example) that proves TS is valid or true = three examples (facts) Effective transitions to introduce the three examples are For example, In addition, Furthermore. Each example is analyzed (explained) by two more sentences (warrant). Each sentence in the paragraph should say more about the TS, but also be a new idea. The concluding sentence restates the topic sentence in new words.Illustration Essay process: Brainstorm/invent many facts and opinions related to your topic Sort facts & opinions into groups of related ideas (list, outline, cluster, etc.) Use GO to organize idea groups into body paragraphs Peer review & Proofread Revise draft into final copy.Choose ONE of the prompts below and write a 5-paragraph essay with 11-sentence body paragraphs:Choose one of the two topics1.Illustrate the purpose (advantages) of a college education. Think of the opportunities that college makes available to students that they would otherwise have less access to (or no access to). Your topic sentences will be reasons why college is an advantage, and the thesis will sum up these reasons into a statement that conveys the purpose of a college education.2.Illustrate the qualities of a public figure whom you admire. Think of what this person has said and done, what others say about him or her, and what others do in response to him or her. Even what the person looks like can be valid information. Your topic sentences will be reasons that you admire the person, and your thesis will sum up these reasons into a statement that conveys the essence of the person.

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