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My major is Communication Design which is doing graphics des

My major is Communication Design which is doing graphics design, website design, advertising, books, typography, etc. You can write this Position Paper according to the feature of my major. Thanks! The due is tomorrow afternoon 1am plz briefThe position paper provides an opportunity to choose theme from the field of design in the broadest sense – taking into account the discussion at the start of this course on how design can be defined – and discuss its value for your own creative practice. The paper should demonstrate aspects in the practice of design that position your own work in terms of value: for instance as ethical, social, commercial, etc. Please consider the assignment as the start of a critical discussion between you and your recitation group leader to explore your understanding of design, its concepts, practices, manifestations and public impact. At this stage your writing can be speculative and provisional and although we greatly appreciate substantiating your argument with references, footnotes and captioned illustrations, we are interested in this first instance to hear of your personal, original opinion about design as an open, widely-designed practice and discourse.So, the research question you might want to ask in this Position Paper could be:• How do you define design for yourself, your own practice and/or your role as user and consumer?• What part of the entire design process holds your interest and how does the part relate to the rest of the process?• What is the role of material and/or techniques in design that you admire?• How would you distinguish in your own (or somebody else’s) practice between designing objects, systems and services?• What type or manifestation of design to you dislike and how would you propose to change improve on or displace it?• What is the role of chance or failure in design that you admire?• Does design need to be produced in copies/batches/mass in order to exist (in contrast to art that can be admired as a single, autonomous work)? Whjat might be the role of movements and trends?• Write a revolutionary design manifesto [not a research question, more of a task].• How do politics (of class, race, gender, sex, etc.) come into the function and meaning of design?• Is design a waste of time, when there are political and environmental battles are waging?Similar to the design process proper you can plan this first of the three assignments in sequence and develop links and relations between that will allow you to focus and economise on research materials and time, so that each step build on the previous one. Alternatively, you can design your process as open and flexible and treat each step discretely to develop a separate project or theme for each assignment.The position paper should be4 pages in length (plus footnotes, captions and a brief list of sources/bibliography if you’re including these). Please use 12pt font size (choose a legible font, please)and double-spaced lines.

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