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MAN 4162 – Final Project

Instructions: Follow carefully

1.  Download the Mystery Shopping Questionnaire (Word document) and go mystery shop your chosen establishment – WALGREENS PHARMACY – Remember that you are utilizing a manager’s or entrepreneur’s point of view and you are preparing to present a business report that your VP or CEO will likely see.
Utilizing the information gathered in the questionnaire, create
2.   A one to two page report in APA format summarizing your findings, with recommendations for improvement and/or recognition; whatever is applicable to the different areas of your assessment of the business.
3.   A PowerPoint Presentation with a minimum of 8 slides, summarizing your findings. Include pictures if possible, do not write paragraphs, use bullets and prepare presentation as if you were presenting to the CEO and senior management team.

It is essential that you use business terms, correct grammar and proofread your presentation and paper for errors. Check resources on how to create a good business PowerPoint presentation – remember you are a business professional.
Upload or submit here:

The completed questionnaire
One to Two page report
PowerPoint presentation

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