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Major Project: Leadership CommunicationsWalt DisneyAssignmen

Major Project: Leadership CommunicationsWalt DisneyAssignment Instructions:Choose one leader from the above list and conduct a thorough research including a biography of your choice on that leader. After research, write a four to five (4-5) page paper that covers the following questions: 1.Explain who the leader is, brief background, and his/her leadership experience (1 page)2.From the context of leadership communications, discuss this leader’s communication style (methods of communication)including how this leader (2-3 pages):a. empowers followers, b. uses power, c. influences others, d. and deals with crises. 3.Finally, discuss the chosen leader’s legacy in his/her field whether it be business, politics, religion, or entertainment. Express your standpoint on leader’s effectiveness as a communicator and long-term contributor. (1 page)You must also seek to include faith integration and scripture in the paper in order to draw a more complete picture of the chosen leader.Finally, review the Research Paper Grading Rubric found under Course Resources in Blackboard to see all the technical criteria that you will be graded on (ex.: the minimum amount of references, APA format, etc.)Hackman & Johnson (2013). Leadership: A Communication Perspective, 6th Edition. (ISBN-13: 9781478602590).Essays and (Research) Papers Grading RubricEssay & (Research) Paper Grading Rubric DimensionCriteriaWeightScore1.Conceptual Understanding & Critical ThinkingThe essay/paper directly addresses the assigned topic and provides a thoughtful answer to each question demonstrating critical thinking and a sound understanding of the issues.30%302.Integration of Scripture and additional Text/ ResourcesWriting is supported with Scripture as well as with course text and unassigned materials (at least 1 external resource in essays, 2 in papers and 3 in research papers).15%153. Application/ Personal ExperienceThe essay/paper provides integration and application of course theories and principles and relates to personal experience when appropriate. 15%154. Innovation/ originalityThe essay/paper demonstrates original innovative ideas and insights.10%105. OrganizationThe essay/paper is well-organized, including cover and reference pages, an introduction, summary, smooth transitions between topics, and logically developed paragraphs. 10%106. Grammar/ Writing StyleThe essay/paper employs correct English grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and appropriate word choices. In-text and after-text references are documented appropriately using APA style.10%107. Length The essay/paper is the appropriate length, within the specified range.10%10Late Points:-100TOTAL:100Comments:

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