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Purpose – Journal writing is an opportunity for you to expand your mind by discovering how you feel about various topics that we will discuss weekly this semester.  The journal must be at least 1 page in length. During week #1, we will practice journal writing in class.
For the journal, you must pick from “What would you do?” in each chapter. The text provides questions to think about and concepts that you may want to focus on in your journal.
Go to the site www.watchnews.org    and then in  Chapter 7, then go p. 269 answer  “What Would You Do”? in you on line journal. We will review your entry in our next ‘in’ class. 
Your submission must be one page in length, follow APA format which is a link on blackboard and can be found in the information section. You must save your document and write in on the subject line of the email when you summit it in the following manner: last name, first initial, PPA 101 and the learning unit chapter number. There is a total of 10 Learning Units. One unit is due per week until the middle of November. After that you begin to work on your group project which requires drafts and revisions until the final document is approved. Again;  Every week I have selected a website for your review. They don’t necessarily correspond with the journal your writing. This is just to give you insight into the field of public administration. There are numerous learning, internships and employment opportunities.   

Would You Do?
The dean at the university where you are a department chair forwards an e-mail to you that
is clearly an advertisement for a consulting firm’s seminar on grant writing and asks you to
send the note on to your faculty. You are concerned about using the university’s e-mail for
commercial purposes. What would you do?

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