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Interprof Org & Sys Leadership

A starting point would be a policy to address staffing and acuity levels. If a nurse has a patient that is critically ill, that nurse should not have six patients because there is no realistic way, they can give safe, appropriate care to all of them. Another policy could address how nurses are floated to other units. No nursing staff should be floated to higher level acuity floors if they do not have some sort of additional training. This is a safety issue for the nurse and the patient, it is also a cause for extra stress. For instance, floating med-surg nurses to covid units to care for patients that are on drips and ventilators is dangerous for both the nurses and the patients.  A personal experience where I work is that an entire unit quit, that is more than 30 staff members leaving because their staff kept being sent to units that they were not prepared to work in, at the same time, this was leaving their own unit very understaffed. If at the very least it costs roughly 11,000 dollars to train a new nurse or CNA, then that means the company is now looking at spending around 330,000 dollars to replace that staff (Kelly et al., 2021). No one policy will fix everything, but everything needs to be considered when management is planning a new policy.

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