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In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions i

In your own words, answer this unit’s discussion questions in a main post (recommended minimum 200 words), and respond to at least 2 peers’ postings (recommended minimum 75 words).After you have reviewed the Assignment Details below, click the Discussion Board link under the My Work heading above to open the Discussion Board and make your post.Review this tutorial on How to Post to the Discussion Board.Assignment DetailsAnimal TestingHumans use animals for all sorts of things, like food, of course, and companionship. They harvest all sorts of animal products from wool and leather to glue and even heart valves. Animals are used for many different services: guard dogs, therapy animals, truffle-hunting pigs, polo ponies, and so on. In 1933, more than a dozen women went blind after using Lash Lure mascara (National Academy Press, 2004). The compounds in this product literally burned their eyes and resulted in blindness and even death in one case. This led to the use of animals for safety testing of cosmetics. Today, animal testing for safety and efficacy of drugs, sweeteners, food additives, and medical treatments is commonplace. These uses are controversial, however, not only because the animals may suffer during the process and are often euthanized at the end of a test, but because even closely related mammals do not respond to drugs or toxins the same way humans do much of the time. Mice models are often used for safety testing, but they may not be the best choice.This video may help you decide: Should We Trust Studies On Mice?Use this article to help shape your opinion on animal testing: Pros and Cons of Animal Testing: (Helpful or Harmful?)Now choose ONE of the following topics:Volkswagen exhaust testing on monkeysTesting the safety of cosmeticsAlzheimer’s treatments tested in animalsAnswer the following four questions as they relate to your chosen topic:Explain the rationale and main benefit of the testing process you chose.Debate whether this use of animals is necessary or worthwhile.Is there an alternative to this testing?Is there some animal that it is okay to test on—insects, worms, fish, mice, and so on? Where do you draw the line?Use at least 1 credible source to support the arguments presented in your post.ReferencesAndrews, L. (2018). Pros and Cons of Animal Testing: (Helpful or Harmful?). Retrieved from https://www.greenandgrowing.org/pros-cons-animal-t…Engbretson, M. (2014). Seventy years is enough: It’s time to put the Draize Test out of its misery. Huffington Post. Retrieved from https://www.huffingtonpost.com/monica-engebretson/…Ewing, J. (2018). 10 Monkeys and a Beetle: Inside VW’s Campaign for ‘Clean Diesel’. The New York Times. Retrieved from https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/25/world/europe/vo…Kane, C. (2017). The most promising research in Alzheimer’s disease is conducted with animal models. Retrieved from https://fbresearch.org/promising-research-alzheime…Seeker. (2014, December 1). Should we trust studies on mice? [Video file]. Retrieved from In your own words, post a response to the Discussion Board, and comment on at least 2 other postings. You will be graded on both level of engagement and the quality of the contribution to the discussion. Respond to:Good afternoon fellow classmates and Professor Knapp. Well, here it is. We have made it to Unit 5! This class has been fun and very educational. Life science is an amazing thing. I am glad that I have furthered my knowledge of the subject.For Unit 5, we are to discuss animal testing and talk about whether we think it is right or wrong. I would like to talk about animal testing for Alzheimer’s treatment. In the article written by Chris Kane of the Foundation for Biomedical Research, he stated that mice are used for Alzheimer’s treatment testing.The first question we are asked is, “What is the rationale and main benefit of the testing process I chose?” The main benefit is that we can perform this testing on something other than a human. Human life, in my opinion, far outweighs that of animal life. It would unethical to perform human testing for many treatments out there. For the second question, which has us debate whether this use of animals is necessary or worthwhile, I say yes, as I refer back to my previous statement. The third question asks is there an alternative to this testing. There is. We could use primates for this. The fourth question asks if there is some animal that it is ok to test on and where do we draw the line? As much as I hate seeing animal testing, I think it is a necessary evil. I am ok with testing on bugs, mice and rats. As for where to draw the line, I don’t know if I could answer that question. I would say no to testing on dogs and cats, for example, but I can’t say why. I think it depends on one’s viewpoint. Dogs and cats are considered pets (but then again, to some people, so are mice.) Thinking about it more as I write, I say that testing should be done on an animal that is the absolute closest to a human. We do need to know what effect these products and procedures have.Good Evening Class,Just in case I forget, I mixed a tall one and turned on some Iron Maiden.I will attempt to explain my position on Alzheimer’s treatments tested in animals. I did watch the movie “Still Alice” and learned from her mistakes. I have a couple, not just one friend who will take the necessary steps if I cannot take care of myself, obviously you can’t depend on a note. Let’s hope I do not outlive them. I love animals and feel strongly about how they are used in testing. The human race has caused a lot of suffering for animals, including other humans, but we have an unlimited capacity for saving them also. Not without a profit. There are many animals that owe Dawn dishwashing liquid their lives and Dawn shareholders owes the ducklings their fortunes. At sixty, I notice my lack of recall, minor disorientation and in general repeating myself. Did I mention I am listening to the Allman Brothers? I have noticed no matter how “disoriented”, could involved vodka, I can find my way home from the beach remembering to shift my Electro Glide before red line. I can’t imagine watching my wife slip off into never never land. With that said I believe we need to test on animals in the most humane manner. Mice seem to be the best choice even though Seeker says, “As the researchers say, “the mouse continues to be a very good model [for humans].” Even though they admit their testing models have improved and the testing needs to continue, to improve. In other words they are still learning. Not only is testing necessary and worthwhile it is part of our evolution. 300 years ago the test was as long as I can outrun you, I don’t have to be faster than a cheetah. I think the alternative to animal testing will eventually be found, but until you have a BIC lighter, you use two sticks.Where do I draw the line on which animals to test? Mice can feel pain, but if you let them go they will regress to defecating in their own nests. Who wants to watch a chimpanzee suffer? No one, but you close your eyes when your wife yells at you for coming in your bedroom because she doesn’t recognize you. The necessary way scientist need to test is not pleasant. Neither is life in the wild. Why can’t the crocodile be closer to our DNA for testing purposes? Even crocodile mothers eat their young, why not test on them. Their memory must be pretty good, they have remember to live for last 200 million years! So to conclude, we use the crocodile to find the “potential to harness the occurring protective gene mutation into an anti-amyloid drug that could alter the disease’s course or even prevent it”. The crocs have mutated plenty of times over their existence of 200 million years and obviously don’t know when to become extinct. Put that bunny down and get a crocodile. After that, let’s start an adopt an animal shelter with a previous testing propensity. Throw in a puppy or a kitten for good measure. From a financial point, you can subtract the cost of euthanasia and the mental health cost of the scientist who bear the guilt of killing the innocent. How many have called in sick on euthanasia day? Well there you go Richard, how’d I straddle? I think I’ll turn off AC/DC and kiss my wife goodnight while I can still recognize her. As Molly Hatchet says’there’s a gator in the bushes and he’s calling my name’Enjoy

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