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In your Healey text, Principles of Healthcare Leadership, to

In your Healey text, Principles of Healthcare Leadership, to read: Chapter 4, “Creativity and Innovation in Healthcare” page 63-80, Chapter 8, The Process of Change in Healthcare Organizations,” pages 143-163, Chapter, Leading People in Healthcare Organizations, pages 167-187 Use the Internet to conduct research on healthcare systems in three OECD member countries, other than the United States—each of which uses a unique system. As you conduct your research:Look for similarities and differences between the structures, approaches, and concepts used in these three systems, and the structures, approaches, and concepts used in the United States.Pay attention to the political, economic, and consumer driven forces impacting the different systems.Consider whether any of the structures, approaches, or concepts used in these systems might improve the U.S. systemIdentifying Forces and Change Management ProcessesFor this discussion, choose a major example of change from your studies related to the segment of the healthcare system you currently work within or plan to pursue in your healthcare management career. Locate and refer to current related information from your subscribed sources (The wall street journal, Digital Health Today, The Medical Futurist, Plane Tree Health Library, from Unit 1 to complete your work.In your post: Describe the example and the forces related to this change (forces could be technological advances, disruptive innovation, health indicators, political, economic, or consumer driven).Discuss how leaders might approach managing this change by using the four leadership skills required in the process of change (Healey, pages 161–162).Share an insight you derived from the text readings by James Dallas (Forward, pages 8–9, and Chapter 1, ‘Set a Course for Change,’ pages 16–29).that might prove important to consider in the change process for this example.Share information and insights related to your chosen example that you gained from your subscribed online resources from Unit 1.

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