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In today’s world, technology is driving the way we work an

In today’s world, technology is driving the way we work and operate. Starting with morning alarm, to tracking our sleep time, we are dependent on technology and are in the process of moving to a digital world. Development of transportation and commute system led to creation of a trillion dollar industry. With limited number of options for commute in certain places, dependency on personally owned vehicle is high. When this mode of transportation is cut off, people might feel stranded, or will have trouble performing their day to day activities. In order to keep our vehicles health in check, we need means to review, track, and monitor our vehicles performance on a daily basis. Most high end vehicles these days are coming with embedded sensor systems that are inbuilt in the design. Extending this concept to all vehicles, every part of the vehicle can be designed to include embedded sensors. This will make the complete vehicle equipped for heath monitoring. Feeding off the data that is given by the sensors, a visual overview can be created to ensure all the major parts of the vehicle are healthy and functioning. A mobile application can be created to integrate and display the information given by the sensors. Any issue in sight, owner will be alerted beforehand, and immediate action can be taken to get it fixed. This will not only ensure that we are proactive in keeping our vehicles functioning in check, but will also help in limiting car breakdowns and will save us time, energy, money and resources. Anyone with a car and a mobile can make use of this to avoid unnecessary surprises. Making use of app store optimization, social media campaigns, website marketing, search ads and in-store ties, the product can be marketed and advertised to bring awareness to consumers. Early adopters can use this to give word of mouth suggestion’s to bring more people to try the product. With everything available at a click of a button, this application can serve as a guide to eliminate the challenges of a vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

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