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I wrote a code that is supposed to do the following.Write a

I wrote a code that is supposed to do the following.Write a program that calculates and displays all factors of a number with a function. A factor is any number that divides into a number evenly.For examples: Factors of 20 are 1,2,4,5,10,20For the program:Prompt the user for a number or use an inputCall a function to calculate all factors using loops and conditionals and modulusDisplay all factors to the pageIf the factor is Even : Print it in GreenIf The Factor is Odd : Print it in Red________________________________________________________________________________________I tried everything but the code doesn’t seem to work, I would like to know whats wrong with the code.The biggest issue I had is get the input to follow the script and I didn’t know how to do so.My code:

A demonstration of how to access a Number field

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