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I would like to use diabetes as the subject of my informativ

I would like to use diabetes as the subject of my informative speech.Select one of your sources that you believe you will use in your Informative Speech. This is the information that will be graded.1. Tell us title of source.2. Tell us author(s) of source.3. Tell us date published.4. Why did you choose this source for your speech?5. Summarize the source. This means that you will need to read the source and tell us about it.6. What is the most significant aspect of the source that you believe you will specifically use in your speech.7. Post YouTube link here describing your source. This isto practice telling us about the sources that you use for your speech.This is practical application. You are building the skill of ‘citingsources’ out loud.8. Use a Brainstorming method of your choice and brainstorm your topic.

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