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I need help writing the three weekly journals for my BUA 327

I need help writing the three weekly journals for my BUA 327: Business and Society class.For Weeks 1-3, you should have a 2 page journal entry each week (6 pages in total) that reflects your understanding and opinion on the text chapter, cases covered, in-class presentations and activities. -What text chapter means is reading the chapter assigned for that week and taking notes. For example, Week 1 was chapter 1, week 2 was chapter 2, and week 3 was chapter 3. -Cases covered is on the syllabus, writing about the week’s case a bit could be good. -presentations and activities are listed in the syllabus and can also be found in the Course Content Folder, with the course’s materials and whatnot. -Outside research or references to relevant news articles will enhance each journal’s grade. ( please see the syllabus for more details).The textbook for the class will be provided to you, as well as the link required to log into the class. In addition, reference images have been added to this question so you know how to navigate the site.

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