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I need help with making any type of business plan by spending money on 4 things to help get my business started by

Description:More InfoEconomics Social Studies1. ENSURE ALL ASPECTS OF YESTERDAY’SASSIGNMENT ARE COMPLETED. (Specificallycheck that you cite the source of the specific price foreach of the first two expenses.)2. Identify the next two costs you would bear ingetting your business ready to open and for eachidentify the amount (‘sum certain’) and the SOURCECITE from which you got your information.3. Next …. find a SECOND SUPPLIER for AT LEASTTWO of your first four expenses, giving the price forthat “good” or “service” from that SECOND supplier.4. When you feel you are finished, Swap papers witha colleague and review each other’s paper. Sign theirpaper with a declaration: My colleague has completedall items in the checklist. ….. OR … pass it back tothem and point out material they still need tocomplete. (See the easy checklist below.)5. Checklist:a. first cost/expense to business (e.g. “chair”)b. amount of cost (e.g. 79.99 for the chair)c. vendor/source/website giving that price forthat item (chair)d. second vendor/source/website giving aprice for that – or similar item (chair)e. second cost/expense … (e.g. table)f. amount for that itemg. vendor/source/website for that itemh. second vendor/source/website giving aprice for that – or similar item (table)i. third cost/expensej. amount for that third “item”k.fourth cost/expenseI. amount for that fourth “item”m. are you planning to work solo or witha partner(s)?n. IF you are planning to work with apartner, name the proposed partner(s)Due 2 days ago, added 2 days ago. Worth 20 points of MP1

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