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I have done this proposal already but I have missed so of th

I have done this proposal already but I have missed so of the prof. instructions such executive summary, analysis section, conclusion section and team reflection!See attached and if you please can finish up and audit the missed parts please!And about team reflection you can write whatever you think it’s good1 – 2 page proposal (team) that must include the following:Paper topic chosen (see below). Each group must select a different topic.Organizational Behavior topic(s) that the paper will be centered around.Proposed organization of the paper: Team Project Write-up Proposed Paper Organization.pdfIndependent research that the team will conduct to draft the paper.Proposed style/approach of the presentation aspect of the project.Proposed division of work for the team.Other – as determined by the team.Potential Paper Topics:1. Using an organization you are familiar with: Describe, analyze,and provide recommended improvements related to an opportunity forimprovement from an Organizational Behavior perspective that thisorganization has. Note: The Organizational Behavior opportunity forimprovement must be a topic or topics from the text. The issue must bereal (not hypothetical) and verifiable either through case studies,publicly known information, or other means such as an ability to contactthose in the company..2. Looking forward: What changes to the work environment shouldorganizations be preparing for from an Organizational Behaviorperspective and why? Note: The paper will rely heavily on independentresearch conducted by the team.3. A hot-button topic in the workplace today is generationaldifferences between employees; especially with Millennial employeesentering the workforce at a high rate. Specific issues include how domanagers motivate employees of different generations, how do managerscommunicate with different generations of employees, and how do managersresolve/manage conflicts that occur because of generationaldifferences. Analyze the root cause of the conflicts that occur becauseof generational differences (Tip: Think personality differences, lack ofmanagement & employee training on this topic, stereotypes, teamdynamics, etc.) and provide recommendations on how organizations andmanagers can improve in this area. Note: The paper will rely heavily onindependent research conducted by the team.4. Consider the leadership styles of the past two (2) U.S. Presidents(Donald Trump and Barack Obama): What are the key differences? Whatpersonality/communication styles would you assign to each? What are thepro’s and con’s of each style? What soft skills could each improve on?Which individual do you feel was better at managing their staff(Cabinet) and why? Note: This is not intended to be an analysis ofpolitical positions, but how the individuals managed the country. Mustback-up all points made with examples, independent research, andavailable data.5. The team will analyze the pro’s and con’s of utilizing teams vs.individuals to get work done. The team will conclude the paper by makinga recommendation as to when is the best time to use teams vs.individuals to get work done. All points must be supported withOrganizational Behavior research/data. 6. Global Company: The team will analyze a well-known organizationwith a Global foot print. The team will research the following about thecompany: it’s structure & size, what products/services it sells,the different countries the organization operates in, the differentlegal/regulatory requirements the organization must adhere to fromhaving a presence in multiple countries, and it’s target market. Aftergathering this data, the team will assess how these different factorsaffect the company’s culture. Tip: Depending on the organization, theculture may be different from country to country.7. The team will analyze the root causes of burnout in the workplace,the affect it can have on employees, and the affect it can have on thebottom line. The team will conclude the paper with recommendations onhow managers can prevent burnout with their employees. All points mustbe supported with Organizational Behavior research and data. 8. Organizational Politics: The team will analyze the affects thatpolitics can have in the workplace. When thinking about politics onemust consider the effect on employees, decision-making, and efficiency.Other things to consider are: Do talented employees leave because oforganizational politics, can politics affect the culture of anorganization, and why are some employees good at navigatingorganizational politics where others can’t stand it. Finally, the teamwill conclude with an assessment of whether politics have a place intoday’s workplace. All points must be supported with OrganizationalBehavior research and data. 9. Happy employees are productive employees: The team will researchthis familiar saying to ascertain can the topics covered inOrganizational Behavior actually affect employee performance and thebottom line. The team will conclude the paper with an overallrecommendation as it relates to the following question: Should managersfocus on making sure their employees are happy? All points must besupported with Organizational Behavior research and data. 10. A different topic created by the team. [Must be approved!!!]

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