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From the case answer each of the following sets of questions

From the case answer each of the following sets of questions to guide your analysis, problem identification, and recommendation for this case: Segmentation Analysis: The UK shower market can generally be described as consisting of three end-consumer segments (the premium segment, the standard segment, and the value/DIY segment) and the developer segment. Describe each of these three segments along the following four factors:the key criteria they used to evaluate a shower purchase (e.g., performance, service, convenience, style, etc.),their usual motivation for purchasing a shower (e.g., replace a broken shower, install a new shower, etc.),the price point or price range that they would consider purchasing at, andthe channel(s) through which they most preferred to shop for a shower.Value Analysis: Describe the Quartz value proposition to (a) end consumers and (b) to plumbers. Recall from previous chapters in your textbook, customer value is essentially the comparison of a bundle of benefits relative to the complete cost associated with acquisition.As you describe the value for consumers, be sure to include:As you describe the value for plumbers, be sure to include:Channel Analysis: There are three main channels of distribution in the UK shower market (DIY Sheds, Showrooms, Trade Shops). Describe each channel based upon the following factors:The type or level of service it offered its customers andThe relative influence plumbers had on consumer purchase decisions in each channel.Customer Behavior Analysis: The case states, “very few units had sold in the first four months on the market” (p. 9). Using information presented in the case:Describe factors that influences end-consumers’ adoption of the Quartz product (provide a brief explanation of the factors, not merely a list).Identify which factor(s) is(are) the main reason(s) for the slow adoption rate.Problem identification: Build upon the analyses you presented in answers 1-4 and explain the causes of the Aqualisa Quartz Shower’s poor performance at the time of the case.Recommendation: How do you think the Quartz should be marketed? Your recommendation should include these 3 elements.Element 1: The key Marketing Strategy Decisions, specifically:The primary target market the company should pursue (premium segment, the standard segment, the value/DIY segment, or the developer segment)The relative price-point or price range, andThe primary distribution channel.Element 2: Specific reasons for each of your strategy recommendations (a, b, and c). In particular,Element 3: Your answer should clearly identify current problems or obstacles your decisions help address.

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