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For this discussion, you will provide a 2 part original disc

For this discussion, you will provide a 2 part original discussion post, and reply to ONE other students post.Part 1 (6 points):Read the Harvard Business Review article “When You Give Your Team a Goal, Make it a Range”https://hbr.org/2014/11/when-you-give-your-team-a-goal-make-it-a-rangeDiscuss if/how you can implement this into SMART goals as discussed in the chapter. How can these two things coexist? What advantages or disadvantages do you see? Part 2 (6 points):Assume Walgreens wants to implement a management by objective program. Describe potential benefits and challenges to this program that management might face. Create a SMART goal that Management might create with an associate (you can make up specifics of this goal).Reply (3 points): Provide an original reply to one of you classmate’s posts, commenting on either part (you don’t have to reply to everything they posted). Be sure to add content. Remember posts such as “I agree” or simply restating what they said will not count.

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