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For this assignment you are researching a country and report

For this assignment you are researching a country and reporting on special considerations when importing or exporting products in their country. Choose a country of interest and create a five to ten minute narrated PowerPoint presenting on the following:Introduce country of choice.Political factors including major tariffs, nontariff barriers, and embargos.Transportation factors, issues, regulations, and considerations.Unique product packaging regulations and considerations.Economic factors that may be influence decisions.Cultural factors of interest pertaining to logistics.GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:Ensure professional presentation with proper spelling, grammar, etc.Must have proper in-text citations and bibliography page where appropriate.Organize presentation with topics.Narrate your presentation.Include a title slide.CREATE A FIVE TO TEN MINUTE NARRATEDPOWERPOINTFor step-by-step instructions on how to record a narration in PowerPoint, please refer to the user guide here (PDF).

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