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For Sunday’s writing assignment, you’ll conduct some on-the-

For Sunday’s writing assignment, you’ll conduct some on-the-spot research related to one key concern you identified in your ‘Where I’m From’ assignment. Specifically, you’ll find two sources: one that tends to agree with your point of view.and one that tends to oppose your point of view. You’ll then write a summary and respond to reflective questions about each. To support your best work, read and view the materials you’ll find below and be sure to incorporate these skills into your summaries.For this week’s research, Google your key search terms and look for journalistic sources from reputable newspapers (Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, for example) or look for scholarly sources from university websites, for example. You may use Wikipedia for background information, but not for the sources you summarize. In all, look for credible sources with minimal bias.View Shaun McLeod’s short video and take notes about what to include in your summaries. Your summaries should begin with the author and title of the work you’re summarizing along with the main claim or primary point the author is making. You’ll then explain the key points the authors make to support their primary points, carefully explaining so that a reader who hasn’t read your sources can understand them.Use the following formats to cite each key point from the author’s argumentwhich you include in your summaries. In MLA, in-text citations follow the sentences in which source information is found. The period always goes after the in-text citation, not after the sentence (Larson, par. 1). <-- like this.Here are the most common formats - For a work with an author and a page number: (Lastname #). For a work with an author and a paragraph number: (Lastname, par. #). <- Note when using the paragraph citation, use a comma after the author's name and a period after the abbreviation 'par.'For a work with an author and a page number: ('2-3 Words from Title' #). For a work without a known author and a paragraph number: ('2-3 Words from Title,' par. #). <-- Note that commas are placed inside of quotation marks when they are next to each other.For an author of a video: (Lastname 00:00:00-00:00:00). <-- The zeros correspond to the time signature of the section you're citing.For a video without known author: ('2-3 Words from Title' 00:00:00-00:00:00).Rewrite these formats on a cheat sheet that you make for yourself. Follow the formats exactly and you'll find that in-text citations aren't that hard at all.NOTE: For this assignment, it's not necessary to include full Works Cited entries but do include links to the works you cite on the Works Cited page. Remember that the Works Cited page begins on its own page at the end of an essay.Reflective QuestionsFollowing each summary, respond to the following reflective questions:What is the key injustice or problem you're focusing on?Why did you choose this source to summarize? How does this source relate to the concern, injustice, or problem you've identified 'where you are from'? Does it tend to agree or disagree with your position?How did you determine if this source is sound? What did you look for to determine its credibility?What additional question or questions do you have about the ideas presented in this source as it relates to the concern or injustice you identified 'where you are from'?he B Contract will be fulfilled if the reflective questions are answered and two sources are summarized - as described in McLeod's video, including -the author and title in the first sentencethe main point (main claim, thesis) of the sourcethe key contributing points that support the author's main point without unnecessary detailand not including your own judgment or opinionusing properly formatted MLA in-text citationsusing properly formatted and punctuated titlesin a way that is clear to an audience who hasn't read these sources

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