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Create a Narrated PowerPoint or video.
Include a picture of yourself
Upload into BlackBoard
There will not be a “live” presentation at any particular time, but upload by the due date

Attached is the schedule for student presentations:  each student will be assigned a topic and due date.

Research the topic (text, other materials) and briefly describe so that your classmates get a better understanding of the issue.
Find a current event that illustrates the concept.

Example:  The managerial function of “Planning” can illustrated by the strategic plan.  Find a current example of how managers are dealing with the COVID19 pandemic from a strategic perspective.    (Example:  HEB has done an amazing job of being agile, customer-service oriented, and consistent.  How did HEB executives and business unit managers deal with this extremely disruptive, unexpected circumstance?)

Create a Narrated PowerPoint or video that outlines the topic and the current event
Provide THREE meaningful questions for reflection on your presentation topic.

Example Attached

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