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EQ #1 – First EQ Test Results – Due by 6:00PM on Monday,

EQ #1 – First EQ Test Results – Due by 6:00PM on Monday, January 28thWrite three to five (3 – 5) sentences responding the bullet points below:What, specifically, were your EQ scores?Describe your thoughts about EQ at this point of your journeyDescribe your test results and the specific area you’ll be working onWas there anything about the EQ results you found surprising? Explain your answer.1 DONE2#NEW paperEQ #2 – The Progress ReportDue on/before 6:00pm on Monday, February 18th APA/MLA – Three to five sentences per bullet pointRegarding your EQ journey:What area are you working on?What strategies are you using and are they working?How have you been doing with practicing? What’s most difficult for you at this point?I SENT MY RESULT IN THIS FILE BELOW ENGLISH IS MY SECOND LANGUAGE PLZ TRY NOT USE TOO MANY ADVANCED WORDS. THX

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