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Detail for me: girl,collage student now, from china, like

Detail for me: girl,collage student now, from china, like play piano and play basketball, and I’m outgoing person, My high school is international high school in china. please be real. don’t write unusual topic.The good topic is :different between living in china and living in USA.(please also see the files than I upload, there have requirements in detail.)Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast any two subjects-showing both their similarities and their differences.Method: We will be peer reviewing this essay, so you will be bringing to class a complete draft. Duringclass time, we will have our second Peer Editing and revision workshop. You will be receiving and givdraft comments with your classmates. Then, as with the process analysis essay, the final draft will be dueafter that. The essay draft will be due after personal conferences, so you are meant to be working on it.

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