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Define:1.Cholera:2. Symbiosis3. Empiricism4. Ghost Maps is a

Define:1.Cholera:2. Symbiosis3. Empiricism4. Ghost Maps is a story of Charles Dicken’s day, but instead of a Dicken’s Christmas village, how does Steven Johnson describe London and its night time work force?5.1854 London was populated with 2.5 million people and ranged about 30 miles in circumference.This population and size is similar to Las Vegas, but their infrastructures are very different.Name three infrastructure modernizations that Las Vegas has that 1854 London did not.6.. What was the job of raker, gong-fermors, ropeman, holeman and tubma?. 7. What is a water closet and when was it first invented?Who was the first to use one?8. Briefly describe the development of Soho as a neighborhood.9. How did the Cholera outbreak of this story begin?10.Who was Henry Whitehead?11. For thousands of years, Cholera had been kept in check by what factors?12. The strain of Cholera (Vibrio) needs what type of environment to reproduce?13. What is the cure for the person infected with Cholera?14. What is familiar about the Cholera remedies given in the day through newspaper advertisements and our internet today?15. Whitehead found that people living under the filthiest conditions did not have more deaths from Cholera but less… Why?16. Who is John Snow and what would his biography say about him?17. Define Miasma Theory?18. Who is William Farr?Why is his job important to John Snow?19.How did Henry Whitehead and John Snow meet?20.Why does John need Henry’s talents to “Map” his investigation of the Cholera outbreak?

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