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create a PowerPoint presentation with graphics about VMware

create a PowerPoint presentation with graphics about VMware, IncWhat is the company known for? Whatdoes it do right? What are its mission and values? Does it work towardsocial responsibility?What is the company’s background—what is the source of its leadership,conscience and approach to social responsibility? What is the rationalefor employee-friendly endeavors? What is the history behind its good governance?Who leads this company toward excellence presently? What are thatperson’s values? Are the values stated by the leader(s)? Do those valuesdrive the company and carry over to its employees? What are theleadership qualities of the people responsible for its success?the company profitable? Can you be a caring organization and stillbe profitable? (You may need to search for a financial report.) reviewing/editing all slides, putting them together, and ensuring that all are cohesivePowerPoint adviceEvery slide should have clear, readable text generally no smaller than 28 point font; remember to limit your use of full sentences and do not include any full paragraphs. Eachslide should also have some kind of visual to enhance the communicationof that content. Using APA guidelines cite your sources, includingin-text citations. Place the citation on the slide or in the notesbelow. The professional team product includes an overviewslide, introduction, multiple content slides, and a conclusion, as wellas a reference slide. Better products usually have about 15 to 20 slides. You may need more for more complex products.

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