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computer science

using C++ program
Purpose: using 2-dimensional Array and template functions to Add, subtract and multiply two matrices.
      Note: all functions must be written with template format

Write one function for header

Header looks like:
Matrix operation:
Select A/a to add two matrices
Select S/s to subtract two matrices
Select M/m to multiply two matrices
Select T/t to select all types

Write a function to ask the user for number of rows and columns for matrix A and/or matrix B
Write a function to read data into an Array for matrix A
Write a function to read data in an Array of matrix B
Write a function to add two matrices
Write a function to subtract to matrices
Write a function to multiply two matrices ( use the one provided for you)
In main () provide a switch and case statements to call those functions.

          The project is for a 2 dimensional and 3 X 3 data

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