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CompetencyDevelop collective advocacy processes in early chi

CompetencyDevelop collective advocacy processes in early childhood.InstructionsAs an administrator of ABC Academy and Care, you will propose a new program policy that supports best practice in early childhood education. The goal of the proposed policy is to support and protect children, families, and staff members. Complete each of the following steps to create the policy’s proposal.Step 1: ObjectiveWrite an objective for your proposed policy.Step 2: Gather Data and Research Data and research should support your objective. Write a summary on what data you will need to gather. Provide information that connects your objective to best practice in early childhood education.Step 3: Implementation PlanWrite a plan for implementing the program policy. Include a description of how to train and motivate others to use the policy.Step 4: ProposalWrite a professional summary of how the proposed policy advocates for children and families for whom the program serves, as well as for the staff members of the program, and the larger ECE community.

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