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Acts of terrorism are classified in various ways and is dependent upon the motive of the individual or group who is attempting to express their ideological stance using terrorist related tactics. The basic understanding of terrorism is predicated upon the knowledge that these groups intend to instill fear in the conscience of individuals to further their agendas. Acts of terrorism are often employed to establish their credibility as group who should not be dismissed. These groups can range in size and complexity and their ability to have standing can be dependent upon their abilities to present their message. Terrorist groups who have been able to establish dominance as a threat are the groups that have demonstrated to be well organized and well-funded. Oftentimes these groups engage in illegal activities that allow them to obtain resources that help them formulate their criminal intent. The use of criminal activities such as drug trafficking, illegal acquisition and trading of firearms, and human trafficking, are just a few of the illegal activities that help these groups acquire resources (un.org). The linkage between TOC’s and different terrorism groups is not a far-fetched concept as both groups gain financial benefit from engaging in the activities described above. At minimum, both groups engage in these activities to profit form the proceeds of criminal activities. The scale and scope of their linkage cannot be overlooked. In the past, the activities of organized groups could be viewed relative to their regional impact. With the continued growth in globalization and international investments, the potential for the interconnectivity of these groups has become a reality. The convergence of these groups has risen steadily over the past 25 years with intelligence reporting indicating direct links between the criminal activities of some TOC’s and some terrorist groups (securityintelligence.com). The geographical boundary lines of various countries become quite permeable as public policies around the world continue to be developed that encourages free enterprise while also granting the opportunities for illegal entities to pursue the free exercise of their illegal activities. The result is the closing of the gaps in the world where previous opportunities were not as accessible as they appear to be at the present time.

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