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Business Valuation

Write 3 typed pages (250-750 words) (see full description just below).
Review the pages of Chapter 6 that deal with normalization.
1-Explain what normalization means.
2-In your own words, explain two or three of Trugman’s examples. In this part (2), please restrict yourself to normalization examples that Trugman gives, such as various items that are often normalized. (I write this because the chapter also includes several examples that are not related to normalization)
3- Add an example of something where normalization would be appropriate, something that is not in Trugman. For example, supposed a firm’s factory burned down in year 20xx. Be creative here, you are aiming for a total post of 1-2 typed pages.
4-Do you think there might be some kinds of valuation assignments where normalization is not appropriate?

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