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Before starting the Executive Summary assignment in this mod

Before starting the Executive Summary assignment in this module, create your course project outline. The course project outline will be submitted as part of the Final Project.The outline is not being submitted or graded here. However, you should write the outline now in order to create the executive summary that is due this module.In Module 01 you wrote an outline based on an article you read. The next step is to take what you learned about outlining and apply it to your course project. Use the same format from Module 01 and build your course project outline.Helpful Hints:Purpose Statement: Remember this is 1-2 sentences telling your audience why you chose this topic and why it matters to you.Example:Purpose Statement: We have a huge feral cat problem in my city. These cats are killing native species of birds and rodents and are a general nuisance to the residents. My paper will discuss why this is an issue and how we can fix it.Problem: At this point, briefly talk about the problem you are researching. Remember these are not written in sentence format. They are brief and are not necessarily full sentences.Example:Problem: Feral CatOur City, USA has had an increase in feral cats1992- 500 known cats2017- 5,000 known catsConsequence of overpopulationIncrease in spread of cat diseaseFeline LeukemiaRabies casesCreative and Original Solution: Always bring in original solutions. If you are talking about stopping drunk driving, your solution should not be education because that is already being done. What is a NEW solution to the issue?Creative and Original Solution: Humanely trap all feral catsTalk with residents most affected my catsDraw up mapCount catsTalk with Naturalists/VeterinariansDo for free?Talk to Vet studentsGet financial support from city and foundationsSPCA?Zoos’?Gather VolunteersTrap CatsConclusion: Wrap it up. Try to bring it all together.Conclusion: Feral Cats needs to be fixed to stop over breeding.Bring community together to gather/fix/release cats.Have vets check cats for contagious diseases

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