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Assignment 2

Although there are many ways to generate policy development, there is a need to understand how to plan, collaborate, negotiate, or compromise in moving policy to its implementation stage.  Policy is usually created and implemented based upon power and politics, money, or mass of people. You are to research any policy that was created and carried through to its

implementation stage within your organization. When writing this paper, you should reflect on the readings as well as your own knowledge and how it relates to negotiation and the willing to make a deal with policy development with all stakeholders. Although this course deals with policy development, it also shows how any institution operates based upon adverse situations or decisions. Keep in mind that power can be used as control (over others) or as influence (with others). Please note that you are to write on a policy, NOT on legislation or legal briefs. In your paper, you

are required to:

(a) give an historical overview of the policy and the organization

(b) illustrate the elements of power used

(c) determine the key power players

(d) determine the level of compromise between the players

(e) include a conclusion where you will discuss your perspective from a leadership point of view.

You are to prepare a doctoral level paper, at least five “full” pages of content, plus a title page, and a references page. Since this assignment is written from your perspective, you will write in first person; there are at least 4 scholarly references (2010 to 2015-2020) required to support your responses. In addition, you must have two personal communications from interviews of key leaders to support your responses.

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