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As an IT professional, it is important to regularly assess e

As an IT professional, it is important to regularly assess emerging technologies, such as new topics and characteristics in cloud computing.Assignment GuidelinesChoose a small local business, and assume the role of an IT consultant for them. The business is growing, and the owners need to add computing capacity for document storage while also saving cost. Compare and contrast the two decisions of buying new servers and expanding the organization’s organic IT infrastructure to the decision of contracting with a cloud service provider and migrating document storage to the cloud. Also model the best option to support the organization’s disaster recovery strategy for mission-critical document management and retention. You have also been asked to model the possibility of a third option using a private cloud developed by the organization versus paying for a public cloud environment. Your submitted assignment must include the following:A double-spaced paper of 2–4 pages that includes your recommendations as an IT consultant and the 5 characteristics of cloud computingA title page that includes your name, course number, and unit numberA reference list in APA format

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