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Are any of you familiar with Daffy Duck? Porky Pig? Road Run

Are any of you familiar with Daffy Duck? Porky Pig? Road Runner? Bugs Bunny? Elmer Fudd? Wile E. Coyote? All of these remarkable cartoon characters were voiced by one man – Mel Blanc! How did he do it?View 10 minutes of video clips on YouTube (focus in on 3 of the above characters) and write a response for each of the 3characters you selected commenting on ALL of the following: Describe the vocal choices the actors make to create their character.Describe the rhythm of the speaking. The vocal range of the character? The vocal energy of the character? Was an accent used?Describe the type of character heard, based primarily on vocal choices made by the actor(s) (is the character a grump, a jokester etc). Is there anything the voice actor could have done differently to better relay who or what the character is?Then write one paragraph on the similarities and/or differences you hear between the four characters you selected. At the end of your response paper, please provide the links for which videos clips you listened to. There is not a word minimum, I just ask that you do as much writing as you feel is required to address each of the above questions.

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