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answer should be between 3-5 sentences.Post answers to the f

answer should be between 3-5 sentences.Post answers to the following:You’ve now learned the ancient Greeks painted many of their stone sculptures. Does this change your perception of their culture? Please explain your answer. link to the video that you must watch first http://mediasite.ccs.ua-net.ua.edu/Mediasite/Play/…2. Respond to at least one classmate’s post by offering additional details or ideas, a different perspective, or links to interesting, relevant articles or websites. Conclude with a question or new idea to further stimulate the discussion.my classmate’s response I was surprised to learn that the Greeks painted their sculptures. I, like many others it seems, just assumed that the sculptures always appeared the way we see them today. Knowing that the sculptures used to be painted with bright colors does change the way I view Greek culture. I’m not disappointed to find out that the sculptures were originally painted, but I do feel that the paint takes away from the majestic vibe that typically goes along with Greek art and sculptures.

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