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Answer each question minimum of 150 words. Use provided mate

Answer each question minimum of 150 words. Use provided material (PDF book) as well 2 additional sources to help support answers. Remember to use in-text citations in each new paragraph. Reference/cite in APA format. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Here is the reference for the PDF: Hall, D. (2015). Criminal law and procedure (7thed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.1.) Define jurisdiction, and differentiate between a court of general jurisdiction and a court of limited jurisdiction.2.)What is the common law? How do the concepts of stare decisis and precedent relate to the common law?3.) What is the source of most criminal law today? Where does that law come from?4.)What is the constitutional mission of a prosecutor?5.) Create a set of facts under which co-defendants could not be represented by the same attorney. Explain why separate counsel is necessary under your scenario.6.) Do you believe that police officers should arrest every violator they encounter, discover, or are made aware of? Support your answer. What factors should an officer consider when deciding whether to arrest or otherwise pursue a prosecution?

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