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2. Create your own Weebly/Wix Website. MAKE YOUR WEEBLY / WI

2. Create your own Weebly/Wix Website. MAKE YOUR WEEBLY / WIX WEBSITE (WATCH an easy step-by-step tutorial here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MZhRcIFDtQ. Put your refinedWebsite address in the submission space / COMMENTS section of Blackboard.In YOUR WEEBLY / WIX Website, please add sections:–a. Home – Your picture + 2-3 minutes YouTube Video explaining why are you the best fit forANY (e.g., marketing / advertising / selling / IT / Non-Profit sector / Government) industry, and what ignites your passion for marketing/management.–b. Resume – Picture, Education, Research, Experience, Associations & Affiliations, etc. with reachable email and reachable phone numbers–c. Education–d. Projects – marketing, selling, advertising + research papers + any reports in PDF–e. Corporate Experience–f. Global Experience – Projects and Visits to different countries–g. Contact me (ADD YOUR LINKEDIN AND UNIVERSITY E-MAIL HERE…)ALL THE ABOVE SECTIONS NEED TO BE A PART OF YOUR WEBSITE. Example:https://iampriyab.weebly.com/; http://uyenhill.weebly.com/; https://johnehudson.weebly.com/

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