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1)Should corporate firms be socially responsible? Social res

1)Should corporate firms be socially responsible? Social responsibility could be like not polluting the environment etc. Pick any one company of your choice,do some research and write a paragraph on how they are socially responsible. (Pepsi or PepsiCo)2) Watch the The future of retailing is changing quickly. Discuss some of the changes that you see happening in the retail landscape. Next find an upload a video or article that talks how technology is changing retailing. In order to make the most of the discussion, avoid using the same ones that others have posted. Select onethat has not been posted.3) How would you use the Internet to purchase your next car? Using your smartphone, table computer, or desk computer, select two or three different auto websites. List their web address, such aswww.autobytel.com, and make a report describing what they have on their websites. Which one do you like best? Why? Can you purchase online from each website? What is the buying process? Can competitors gain anything from looking at these websites? Finally, what is missing from these websites that you feel should be on them?4) Overview of the Nonprofit Sector Writing Activity 2 1. Read The Charitable Sector (https://independentsector.org/about/the-charitable-sector/) 2. Write two paragraphs reviewing the assigned reading. In your paper, a. Identify the title and the name(s) of the author(s) of the assigned reading(s). (1 point) b. Identify the topic of the reading. (1 point)* c. Identify why the author wrote the document. (This is the purpose or the theme.)**(2 points) d. Explain the author’s major arguments and conclusions. (3 points) e. Explain how the information from the reading related to the management of nonprofit organizations. (3 points) *The topic identifies the “who, what, when, and how” of the reading. **The theme identifies the purpose or what the writer wants the reader to learn.

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