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1Revise the sentences.Add correct capitalization to the fol

1Revise the sentences.Add correct capitalization to the following sentences:orson welles’s mercury theater radio broadcast of ‘the war of the worlds’ caused mass panic and hysteria on october 30, 1938.before the lecture began, the instructor spoke briefly to the students, stating, ‘welcome to pre-algebra mathematics 130.’several students who plan to major in the social and behavior sciences meet on tuesday and thursday to discuss many issues, including the impact of jeffersonian democracy on contemporary society.we were unable to distinguish the honors students from those on academic probation based on their dress, social affiliations, musical preferences, or ethnicity.the scarsdale passengers enjoyed the scenic bus route that passed such stores as macy’s, gourmet cook, and periwinkle’s tonsorial parlor.no one knew that the former catholic nun, sister mary elizabeth scoggins, was my oldest daughter.my mother’s friend, vicky joan eikon, has studied hard at cornell university medical school.’let’s remove the hydrogen element from the chemical solution,’ suggested sam. ‘later, we’ll see if any carbon dioxide gas remains in the beaker.’cruises on the caribbean sea make stops at the islands of barbados, trinidad, and jamaica.if joyce could have her own way, she would leave houston immediately for the rolling hills southeast of austin.Step 2Revise a paragraph.Revise the following paragraph to correct errors in capitalization. Consult a dictionary as needed. If a sentence is correct as given, mark the number preceding it.1 San Antonio, texas, is a thriving city in the southwest that has always offered much to tourists interested in the roots of spanish settlement in the new world. 2 Most visitors stop at the Alamo, one of five Catholic Missions built by Priests to convert native americans and to maintain spains claims in the area. 3 The Alamo is famous for being the site of an 1836 battle that helped to create the republic of Texas. 4 San Antonio has grown tremendously in recent years. 5 The Hemisfair plaza and the San Antonio river link tourist and convention facilities. 6Restaurants, Hotels, and shops line the River. 7 the haunting melodies of ‘Una paloma blanca’ and ‘malagueña’ lure passing tourists into Casa rio and other mexican restaurants. 8 The university of Texas at San Antonio has expanded, and a Medical Center lies in the Northwest part of the city. 9 Sea World, on the west side of San Antonio, entertains grandparents, fathers and mothers, and children with the antics of dolphins and seals. 10 The City has attracted high-tech industry, creating a corridor between san antonio and austin.

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